Bluetooth Hearing Aids in Lancaster, PA

What Is Bluetooth Technology?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances from many devices, including tablets and mobile phones. They were invented by telecom vendor Ericsson in 1994 and was originally conceived as a wireless alternative to data cables. Bluetooth can be utilized to connect a device to a number of devices, thus eliminating the need for synchronized cables.

Bluetooth technology was first found in hearing aids in 2005 and manufacturers then began to develop a wide variety of devices that allow their hearing aids to communicate with Bluetooth enable devices, such as mobile phones, computers and tablets.

What is great about Bluetooth?

Binaural Hearing – Bluetooth technology is utilized by some manufacturers to allow their hearing aids to communicate to one another. With this being the case, they can perform many tasks at the same time, such as change the volume of the hearing aids, change the programs of the hearing aids and hearing aids can communicate to each other as to the environment that the person wearing them is surrounded by, allowing them to automatically adjust to relieve the patient from constantly changing programs and the volume of their hearing aids manually.

Hands Free – Bluetooth technology allows hearing aid wearers to listen to their Bluetooth devices in a hands free manner, since the sound is directly sent to their hearing aids via Bluetooth streaming.

Simultaneous pairing to multiple devices – Bluetooth allows hearing aids to be “paired” to multiple devices simultaneously, so listening from one device to another is extremely simple.

Truly Wireless – Eliminates the need for cables and cords while utilizing your phone, tablet, computer or television directly to your hearing aids.

Cons of Bluetooth

Compromised Battery Life – Bluetooth is extremely convenient, but it does drain the life of hearing aid batteries extremely quickly and patients who utilize their Bluetooth connection often with their hearing aids may notice a reduced battery life from their hearing aid batteries.

Bluetooth is an area that is growing rapidly in the hearing aid industry and we invite you to schedule an appointment to learn more about the recent advancements of Bluetooth and other wireless technology that is found in hearing aids today.

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