Assistive Listening Devices in Lancaster PA

What are assistive listening devices?

Assistive listening devices are any device that allows a person to hear better in an environment where they may be having difficulty hearing. They may be used in conjunction with hearing aids or may be utilized without hearing aids by individuals with normal hearing or a mild hearing loss.

What types of assistive listening devices are available?

At Resonance Audiology, we provide a wide variety of assistive listening devices ranging from telephones to FM Systems.

Assistive Listening devices are becoming more and more common in all environments for people with hearing loss and also for those with normal hearing. They are devices that enhance the ability of the individual having a hard time understanding in many different listening situations ranging from telephone systems to looping systems that are found in many theaters and places of worship.

What is a Hearing Loop System?

A hearing loop system is a system that sends sound directly to your hearing aid(s) via a telecoil receiver. They are extremely beneficial because they are inexpensive and very easy to access for all hearing aid wearers if they have a telecoil receiver in their hearing aid(s).

Some Benefits of Hearing Loop Systems:

  • Works with hearing aids that have a telecoil receiver in them, so if you already have one, you do not need to purchase any new equipment
  • Delivers sound directly into your hearing device’s telecoil receiver
  • Allows the person with hearing loss to sit further from to the stage/signal – sound goes directly to the telecoil in the hearing aid, so you do not have to sit right up front to hear clearly and understand
  • May be installed in virtually any situation
  • You do not need to use headphones and devices previously used by others because the sound goes directly to your telecoil receiver in your hearing aids

Looping systems greatly enhance a person’s listening experience in very challenging listening environments and are reasonably inexpensive to install in virtually any environment. Please contact us today to learn more about looping systems.

What devices are available for communicating by telephone?

As technology advances more and more rapidly, many of our communication devices have changed as well. Many people are now using mobile phones as their main phone line. With this being the case there are a wide variety of Bluetooth and hard wired options that allow you to directly send sound from your phone to you hearing aid.

What kinds of alerting devices do we work with?

Alerting devices allow people with hearing loss to be aware when alerting sounds are trying to get their attention. It is extremely important that patients with hearing loss have access to these devices, so that they can be aware when emergencies are present (smoke alarms and fire alarms). They are also extremely important for every day sounds (baby monitors, telephones, doorbells and alarm clocks) so that people with hearing loss may stay connected to their environments.

These alerting devices work in a variety of ways, ranging from vibrating signals, light flashers and amplified speakers. When the alerting signal sounds, they may light up (flash), vibrate and emit very loud noise – or they may do all of these at once. Please consult with Dr. Horan if you are interested in learning more about these devices, as they are extremely important to keep those with hearing loss connected with the world around them.

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