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Welcome to Resonance Audiology and Hearing Aid Center! We are excited and proud to offer the ultimate experience in hearing healthcare services from our Lancaster, PA office.

A Message From Our Founder


Below you will get an idea of how we serve you:

We will start with a detailed questionnaire in which we get to know more about you and your hearing health history by asking questions about your medical, personal, and work life. We do this to ensure that we serve you to the best of our ability and so we can provide a thorough evaluation designed to meet your specific needs.

As part of our audiology services, we then perform an otoscopic evaluation of your ears to ensure that they are clear and healthy, and there is no need for a medical referral.

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The Facts about Hearing Loss:

Hearing loss affects 48 million people in the United States and it can occur at birth or develop at any age. Through the years, many advances in hearing technology have made it possible for almost all hearing losses to be treated at almost any age. These treatment options vary by the type of hearing loss, the severity of the hearing loss, the age at which the hearing loss was acquired, and the lifestyle needs/desires of each person suffering with hearing loss. If you feel you or a loved one is suffering from hearing loss, the best place to start is a licensed audiologist, such as Dr. Zoe Horan.

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Services Provided:

It is our job to ensure that your visit to Resonance Audiology and Hearing Aid Center is as easy and relaxing as possible. It is our job to assist you with a multitude of audiology services, whether it be with new hearing aids, current hearing aids, noise plugs or anything else, and we are proud to be able to offer you a warm atmosphere in which you feel at ease from the very moment you step into one of our locations.

Audiology Services:

Call us at (717) 925-6112 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have or click here to send us a message.

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g sheets Avatar

Appointments are always timely and upon arrival the whole experience and time there feels like you are meeting family .

g s.
Joy Kieffer Avatar

Dr. Zoe is very personable, professional, and explanations are readily given on how to prevent your hearing from deteriorating. Deals with Medicare and financing of the hearing aides. I would highly recommend Dr. Zoe.

Joy K.
Stephen Morris Avatar

The attention I received from Doctor Horan was excellent. He noticed some concerns about how my hearing aids were sitting in my ear and made adjustments that increased their comfort level. Additionally, the adjustments to the programs was very helpful.

Stephen M.
Linda Lou Avatar

It’s always a fun visit when we see Dr Ryan or Dr Zoe for our hearing consults. Jodie greets us with a friendly smile and hello and I personally look forward to her candy treats in the waiting room!! Dr Ryan spends the time listening to our issues and... read more

Linda L.
Jeffery Lutgen Avatar

Incredible service and expertise. Very thankful to have followed several recommendations to use Resonance & Dr. Zoe Horan. Highly recommend for audio professionals for in ear monitoring impressions.

Jeffery L.
Poodie Avatar

Excellent and professional

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