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Welcome to Resonance Audiology and Hearing Aid Center! We are excited and proud to offer the ultimate experience in hearing healthcare services from our offices in Lancaster County, PA.

Dr. Zoe Horan

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We strive to offer the most comprehensive diagnostic tests and exams as they relate to hearing loss.

Hearing Aid

At Resonance Audiology, everything comes together at the hearing aid fitting appointment.

Hearing Aid

Dr. Horan will verify your fitting and validate that you are receiving the correct amount of amplification.

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The Facts About Hearing Loss

Hearing loss affects 48 million people in the United States and it can occur at birth or develop at any age. Through the years, many advances in hearing technology have made it possible for almost all hearing losses to be treated at almost any age. These treatment options vary by the type of hearing loss, the severity of the hearing loss, the age at which the hearing loss was acquired, and the lifestyle needs/desires of each person suffering with hearing loss. If you feel you or a loved one is suffering from hearing loss, the best place to start is a licensed audiologist, such as Dr. Zoe Horan.

A Message from Dr. Horan

Here at Resonance Audiology, we promise to provide the most individualized hearing care and best access to excellent technology. Our goal is to find the best solution for your hearing and communication difficulties. Together we will explore the best solutions to meet your communication needs and your budget.

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We are proud to have received hundreds of 5-star reviews. Check out what some of our patients have said about us.

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“This is the place to come if you are concerned about your hearing but are perhaps embarrasseed and not quite ready to deal with it emotionally. I think she picked up on the fact that I was having some reitcence about having hearing loss. That was a big thing for me to say that.”