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Hearing Loss Protection at Work

More often than not, hearing loss occurs slowly over time and is mostly caused by one’s career or lifestyle. Constant exposure to loud noises, such as every day at work for 30 to 40 years, can negatively affect your hearing. So what occupations are most at risk for hearing loss, and how can these workers […]

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How Do I Prepare My Child for a Hearing Test?

August is usually filled with back-to-school preparation. From school supply shopping to last-minute summer reading and everything in between, you and your child have a busy month ahead of you!   Throughout the month of August, making sure your child is up to date with all doctor’s appointments and testing is equally important as prepping […]

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RA_June2022_What Causes Auditory Processing Disorder

What Causes Auditory Processing Disorder?

Auditory Processing Disorder, or ADP, affects 3-5% of children who attend school. Individuals with ADP has a disconnect between what their ears hear and how their brain processes that sound. Children who have ADP may develop learning delays and other issues while in school, since they interpret sounds differently. While it can be found in […]

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RA_May2022_Signs Of Hearing Loss In Children

Signs Of Hearing Loss In Children

May is Better Hearing Month, making it a great time to increase awareness about hearing loss! Resonance Audiology has helped many patients throughout Lancaster, PA monitor their hearing loss and provide them with options for getting back to a sense of normalcy. Hearing loss can sometimes be unexpected, and the cause can be hard to […]

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10 Ways To Protect Your Hearing

Many of us may take our hearing for granted from time to time. The fact of the matter is that 430 million people across the globe suffer from some degree of hearing loss. Some studies show that this number may increase to 700 million people in the coming decades. If you suffer from hearing loss […]

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Research Explores Potential Link Between Hearing Loss and Dementia

LANCASTER – Recent neurological research indicates that untreated hearing loss could increase the risk for cognitive impairment like Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia. Dr. Zoe Horan, co-owner of Resonance Audiology and Hearing Aid Center, explained that research from retired otolaryngologist Dr. George Gates reveals how the brain changes with hearing loss, which supports […]

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RA_December2021_How Diabetes Can Lead To Hearing Loss 1

How Diabetes Can Lead To Hearing Loss

Over thirty million people in the United States have some form of diabetes. Many people know that diabetes is a chronic condition that affects how our bodies use insulin.  With type 1 diabetes, the body is unable to create insulin, which regulates blood sugar.  With type 2 diabetes, the body cannot properly use the insulin […]

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Managing The Holidays With Hearing Loss

The holiday season is upon us!  For many, this is the most wonderful time of the year.  But for those who are suffering from hearing loss, the holidays can be tough to deal with and full of stress.  The difficulties that come with hearing loss are hard enough to deal with under normal circumstances and […]

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