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Hearing Loss: Different Types

At Resonance Audiology, we believe that having a good understanding of different hearing losses can empower those affected to make informed decisions about which hearing aid or therapy they should choose. Generally speaking, there are two major types of hearing loss – Conductive and Sensorineural. Other recognized types of hearing loss include Mixed and Central […]

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Resonance Audiology, LLC, Announces the Open House and Ribbon Cutting of the New Holland Eye and Ear Facility

Resonance Audiology, LLC, ( is pleased to announce the Open House and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of their new office, located inside the New Holland Eye and Ear Facility. Resonance Audiology, in conjunction with Owens Optometrics, were joined by over 150 community members to celebrate the opening in New Holland, Pennsylvania, at 406 East Main Street […]

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Did You Know Hearing Loss Can Affect Your Personality?

Hearing disorders can negatively affect many aspects of our lives, and many can have far-reaching implications that go well beyond hearing alone. So much research has been done to show that hearing loss is linked to many different health challenges, but did you know that it can also affect your personality? If untreated, hearing loss […]

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Famous People You May Not Have Known Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

A hearing impairment or hearing loss is typically described as a full or partial decrease in the ability to hear or understand sounds. Individuals who are hard of hearing generally have mild-to-moderate hearing loss and are usually not considered deaf. Hearing loss can affect anyone — even the young, and even the rich and famous. […]

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Introducing The New Hearing Aid Widex BEYOND

In today’s highly technological era, even babies get fitted with hearing aids, as well as many younger and middle-aged people. As audiologists and hearing care enthusiasts, we love bringing you the latest news and products to help with hearing loss, and today we introduce the new hearing aid – Widex BEYOND. In early December, Dr. […]

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Be Sure You Get To Enjoy The Holiday Tunes This Season

This holiday season, we at Resonance Audiology want more Americans to add “hearing health” to their wish list. A big part of what we do is raising awareness of the importance of hearing health.   Now, what better way to spread some holiday joy than with a reminder and an invitation to everyone who suffers, […]

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What Is Tympanometry and Why Is It Used?

Figuring out the type and cause of hearing loss can be like trying to solve a puzzle – and for that many hearing tests need to be performed. Tympanometry is one of the methods that can help diagnose and monitor disorders leading to hearing loss, especially in children. Tympanometry can determine whether someone’s hearing loss […]

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Kids & Hearing Protection for Back to School

The latest research indicates that more and more young people who are exposed to loud music and noise show evidence of early hearing damage. Zoe Horan, Doctor of Audiology from Resonance Audiology, shared: “I can’t think of a more important population to protect the hearing of than children. If we teach our kids at a […]

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What You Need To Know About Hearing Loss While Pregnant

Hearing loss affects millions of people, and while we tend to think it mostly happens to elderly, the fact is, it can happen at any age.  When you are pregnant, exposure to loud noises can raise the risk of hearing problems and other health issues. In today’s highly technological world, loud noises are everywhere – […]

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