How Do I Prepare My Child for a Hearing Test?

August is usually filled with back-to-school preparation. From school supply shopping to last-minute summer reading and everything in between, you and your child have a busy month ahead of you!

Young boy at medical examination or checkup in otolaryngologist’s office

Throughout the month of August, making sure your child is up to date with all doctor’s appointments and testing is equally important as prepping for the school year. Whether it’s their first test or another annual check-up, the idea of a hearing test can be intimidating.

Hearing tests are meant to gauge your child’s hearing and ear health, so it isn’t the type of test you can study for. That said, there are plenty of ways to prepare your child for their upcoming exam.

Talk to Them About the Test

While there are plenty of ways to prepare for a hearing test, none of it will really make sense unless your child understands what an ear doctor does, why the test is happening, and what the test consists of.

Even if they are not at an age where they fully understand what is happening, explaining the process to them can ease some anxieties. Let them know it’s a routine test and emphasize the importance of regularly getting tested. This might help prepare them for future tests, too.

Desensitize Their Ears

It goes without saying that your child’s ears will be the focal point of a hearing test. The appointment might be more uncomfortable for them than necessary if they are not used to having their ears touched. Depending on their age, it might be worth your while to “play doctor” with them before the appointment and perform a fake ear exam.

Pro tip: if they have a doctor’s kit at home, take out the otoscope, examine their ear, and allow them to do the same to you. This will not only help them understand the purpose of the tool, but also familiarize them with the sensation around their ear and help prepare them for the test.

Use Headphones 

Hearing tests are usually more effective when the child is comfortable or familiar with wearing headphones. If this is not the case for your child, getting them acquainted with headphones beforehand will help them be more at ease during the test.

A few days before their appointment, try putting headphones or earbuds on them while they’re busy doing something they enjoy. You can also play music through the headphones, too. Just be sure not to turn the volume so loud that it affects their hearing, as this could interfere with their test results.

As your children get older, they will get more and more used to these hearing exams as long as they are conducted regularly. If you start to notice issues with your child’s hearing, don’t hesitate to contact an audiologist immediately to find a solution.

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