Hearing Loss 101: Telltale Signs You or a Loved One is Experiencing Hearing Loss

One in three Americans at age 65 has hearing loss. If any of the following signs sound familiar to you or your loved one, it might be time to get a hearing test.

Young Adult Woman with Hearing Aid watching television

Difficulty understanding people over the phone

Do you consistently have trouble understanding people on the phone, even with the volume turned all the way up? There’s a chance it has nothing to do with reception or connectivity issues—it could be your hearing!

Requiring frequent repetition

Do you often find yourself asking people to repeat themselves? Asking once or even occasionally twice is understandable, but if you have to ask multiple times or read their lips to fully understand, there might be a more significant hearing issue at hand.

Difficulty following conversations with more than 2-3 people

Do you think talking to more than a few people is overwhelming? If understanding and participating in conversations in group settings seems almost unbearable, it’s probably time to call an audiologist near you.

Difficulty following conversation in a noisy or crowded room

Do busy places such as stores or restaurants make it impossible to have a conversation? While noisy places make it difficult for anyone to hear, there’s an added layer of difficulty for those with hearing issues.

Feeling that others seem to be mumbling

Does it seem like everyone you speak to is hard to understand? This recurring theme might indicate an issue with your hearing rather than the volume of their voice.

Difficulty hearing or understanding children, high-pitch, or soft voices

Do people with higher-pitched voices seem more difficult to understand? Hearing loss can affect the cochlea, which is the part of your inner ear that helps you hear. More often than not, the cells that recognize high-pitched sounds are the first to experience issues, making it hard to hear those with high-pitched voices, such as women and children.

Keeping the radio or television at a high volume

Do the people around you complain that what you’re listening to or watching is too loud? Needing to turn down the volume to please others or even have a conversation with them is a pretty good indicator that it’s time to get your hearing checked.

Ringing in your ears

Do you constantly hear ringing in your ears rather than only intermittently after a loud bang or explosion? Chronic ringing in your ears, otherwise known as tinnitus, usually goes hand in hand with hearing loss.

Responding inappropriately to conversational questions

Do you find that people are confused after you’ve responded to their question because you didn’t answer it correctly? Not being able to answer questions because you misunderstood what they asked in the first place might show you and those around you that you need a trip to the ear doctor.

Feeling strained from putting in so much effort to hear and understand

Do you often feel exhausted after social events but don’t fully understand why? Not being able to hear correctly requires you to focus a great deal to understand what the people around you are saying. Because of this, even casual conversations can tire you out as you exert too much energy trying to listen to what is being said.

Experiencing hearing changes is extremely common as we age, meaning there’s probably no need to fret if you’ve noticed minor changes over the years. However, early detection and prevention are key, and you should consider taking precautionary measures.

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