“My first visit with Dr. Horan was 3 years ago. I was impressed with her professionalism as well as her concern for client satisfaction. It is obvious her client’s needs take precedence. She took the time to explain every detail and made sure I was able to fit the hearing aids myself before our visit ended. She goes the extra mile to service her clients. She is willing to meet her client within the home if needed rather than the office. Quality product and quality service. I will continue to refer others to her.”


“Saying Rock & Roll and hearing protection in the same breath may sound like an oxymoron, but it is not. Using the best hearing protection when playing loud music is not only wise for protecting your long-term auditory health, it is actually much better for the musician. Without the custom earplugs I use when playing and performing, I can “miss” certain musical things when they are overwhelmed by the whole of the band playing. With my earplugs, the frequencies are “tailored,” if you will and I do not miss anything going on from all of the players. The custom earplugs are much better than the cheap, orange foam variety, not only because the proper fit allows for the next protections, but because the filters actually allow much more to pass through to my ears rather than blocking everything indiscriminately. Plus, the custom earplugs are pretty much invisible when I am wearing them, as opposed to the somewhat comical and certainly ridiculous bright orange foam sticking out of my ears.”

– Mark Pontz, bassist/singer, The 1.21

“Dr. Horan, Thank you so much for all of the time and patience that you gave me in working through my hearing aid issues. I appreciate the many things you tried with my aids to get me the best possible results. You are very good at what you do, and I have enjoyed working with you.”

– KS

“On a scale of 1-10, Dr. Horan rates a 10 plus! I am enjoying life again now that I can hear.”

– DS

“My custom ear plugs from Resonance Audiology have given me the confidence to once again enjoy all of my hobbies without fear of damaging my hearing. The fit and sound quality is perfect and my wife and I make a point to always wear them in noise”

– J. Smith

“My husband lost his hearing suddenly last month and Dr. Horan went above and beyond to find us a specialist who could see us the same day it happened. Even from her office Pennsylvania she was able and willing to find us a doctor in Florida while we were on vacation. We felt completely lost until we called her.”


“Zoe is a fantastic Audiologist. It is clear that she is very passionate about her work and cares about every patient that walks through the door. She is extremely professional, but also very personable and is always very relaxed during appointments, which makes the appointment process much more enjoyable. I cannot think of anyone more trustworthy to handle my ear care!”

– Hannah Funk, Ephrata

“I am very happy to share my experience of coming to Resonance Audiology. For the past two years, I have been told by others that I should have my hearing tested. It seemed I always had others repeat what they were saying to me. I also could not hear fully what people shared in meetings. I had put off getting an appointment, as I wanted to go to someone that I would get good service. I selected Resonance Audiology from a recommendation by a friend who gave me Dr. Horan’s card. Two of the most significant improvements I noticed after getting my hearing aids are hearing adequately in a group situation and hearing the volume of the radio and TV. Now people no longer have to tell me to have my hearing tested. I would recommend Resonance Audiology to a friend. For me, going to Resonance Audiology was a very positive experience. I feel comfortable with Dr. Horan and receive excellent and efficient service. Dr. Zoe Horan, thank you for your great patience and professional help and service.”

– Rita R., New Holland

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