Did You Know We Have a Library of Useful Videos?

At Resonance Audiology, our professional hearing care experts and enthusiasts always look for ways to be of service, and a big part of our passion is raising awareness of the importance of hearing health, and providing useful information about the hearing aid products and latest news.

This is why, among other ways to share resources, we have a video page on our website. Knowing that some people simply learn better from watching, and digest and absorb information they see and hear faster than information they read, we decided to start creating custom videos.

Studies have shown that videos allow for more efficient processing and memory recall, since they can be stopped and replayed as many times as needed, and they create a more engaging sensory experience.

You can process information in a way that’s natural to you, as you actually get to see and hear what’s being demonstrated and talked about. They greatly assist in the learning of all topics, but especially those that are complex and/or highly visual, such as step-by-step procedures.

Videos can become your go-to resource that can be watched at your convenience, and from anywhere with an Internet connection. Also, they are accessible on a multitude of smart devices – including laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Here are the different topics we have within our library of videos:

 Welcome To Our Practice

In this video, we talk about what hearing loss could look like, and the different needs our patients may have; how Dr. Horan chose the location for her practice and why she is so passionate about her calling, educating and helping people with hearing issues.

Our Educational Tutorials include:

 Hearing Aid Placement Tutorial – showing and explaining how to put in and take out your hearing aid 

App Tutorial – about the different features of the Widex App, and what Dr. Horan’s favorite features are)

Replacing Battery Tutorial – an easy to follow demo of how to change batteries on your hearing aids

Replacing Filter Tutorial – how to change the wax guard on your hearing aid

Dry-Go UV Tutorial – how to change the dry-go UV drier for your hearing aid 

Your hearing care professional will program your hearing aid to amplify the sounds you’re missing and enhance the intact hearing.

Client Reviews

On our video page, we also have some of our customers share their own experience of seeking help for their hearing loss and about the benefits and support their hearing aids provided.

Are you, or someone close to you, one of the 28 million plus Americans with untreated hearing loss?

A simple hearing test can help with learning more about the actual hearing difficulty, and professional screening will provide more in-depth understanding and answers.

We invite you to start exploring all the options available to you or your loved one, and the superior hearing healthcare and treatment solutions our Lancaster PA audiologist offers.

At Resonance Audiology & Hearing Aid Center, LLC, our expert hearing doctors are here to help you with a hearing test and selecting and fitting the hearing device best suited to your personal, professional, cosmetic and financial needs.

Contact Resonance Audiology today at one of our two offices in Lancaster and New Holland, and make sure to check out our library of useful videos.

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