Be Sure You Get To Enjoy The Holiday Tunes This Season

This holiday season, we at Resonance Audiology want more Americans to add “hearing health” to their wish list.

A big part of what we do is raising awareness of the importance of hearing health.  

Now, what better way to spread some holiday joy than with a reminder and an invitation to everyone who suffers, or know someone who suffers, from hearing problems to be sure they take the steps to overcome them.

More than 28 million Americans will ring in this New Year with untreated hearing loss, and you or someone close to you may be one of them. That means missing out on many of the everyday sounds, and all the especially endearing sounds associated with the festive holiday season.

We strive to positively affect the statistic with a mission to help everyone hear better, during the holidays and throughout the New Year.

Now, imagine all the joy you can experience again from hearing all the holiday music and festive sounds around you!

Unfortunately, so many people are still reluctant to face the issue, and may think that their hearing problem is not real, not so bad, or will go away. Others may associate wearing a hearing aid with shame. The only shame would be to miss out on life’s rich sounds and not to be in touch with people around you.

A simple hearing test can help with learning more about the actual hearing difficulty, and professional screening will provide more in-depth understanding and answers.

When we start addressing hearing loss, we are so much more in control of our wellbeing and can work towards alleviating the negative effects it may be having on our own selves and those around us.

If you’ve been telling yourself that living with reduced hearing is not a big deal, yet you feel and see all the ways it has affected your life, maybe this holiday season you give the best gift to yourself – a gift of hearing

Hearing difficulty or loss can lead to frustration, withdrawal, depression, difficulty communicating with others, misunderstandings, creating a strain on relationships and a loss of confidence.

Did you know that with today’s technology hearing loss that happens with age or exposure to noise can be helped with advanced hearing aids, and that latest treatments can improve up to 90% of hearing losses?

If you’ve been worrying about the look and feel of the hearing aids, you’ll be happy to know that modern hearing aids range from receiver-in-the-canal to those that are designed to be virtually invisible, and you can choose a discreetly tucked inside the ear aid or one that is almost completely hidden in the ear canal. As for the behind-the-ear styles, they are often concealed by hairstyles.

Your hearing aid is an investment into your wellbeing and improved lifestyle, or it makes a thoughtful, amazing gift to your loved one this holiday season.

Your audiologist will program your hearing aid to amplify the sounds you’re missing and enhance the intact hearing.

If you’re considering buying hearing aids online since you think it saves time and money, consider the benefits you receive by working with a proficient hearing care professional who will provide tests, such as a hearing frequency test, the most suitable hearing aid, properly programmed and fitted, plus the follow-up services.

As a matter of fact, Federal Trade Commission warns consumers that “buying a hearing aid online or through the mail is risky”.

Be sure you get to enjoy the Holiday Tunes this season – we invite you to start exploring all the options available to you or your loved one, and the superior hearing healthcare and treatment solutions our audiologist in Lancaster PA offers.

At Resonance Audiology & Hearing Aid Center, LLC, Dr Zoe Horan is here to help you with a hearing test and selecting and fitting the hearing device best suited to your personal, professional, cosmetic and financial needs.

Don’t postpone enjoying the music and voices of people you love any longer – contact Resonance Audiology today at one of our offices in Lancaster or New Holland, and let’s find you the best hearing aid.

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