What You Need To Know About Hearing Loss While Pregnant

Hearing loss affects millions of people, and while we tend to think it mostly happens to elderly, the fact is, it can happen at any age.

 When you are pregnant, exposure to loud noises can raise the risk of hearing problems and other health issues.

In today’s highly technological world, loud noises are everywhere – from rock concerts to airplane engines, to workplace-associated noise, and more.

But, did you know that even a fetus can be affected by noise and experience hearing damage?

Many studies have indicated that being exposed to noise while pregnant may increase the risk of having a child with hearing problems.

Noise exposure during pregnancy can impair your baby’s hearing, revealed a study by the Institute of Environmental Medicine in Stockholm, Sweden.

What’s more, there’s up to 80% increased risk for a pregnant woman in noisy occupational environments.

The study provides evidence that women should avoid exposure to high levels of noise during pregnancy, which it said to be the noise levels of over 80 decibels.

So, continuous exposure to loud sounds can raise your unborn baby’s risk of hearing loss, and an eight-hour-a-day shift in an industrial workplace was found to be an unsafe environment for a future mother. Because, even if pregnant women protect themselves with ear protection devices, the babies they’re carrying still remain unprotected in noisy environments.

While we cannot live in total silence, soft sounds may actually be really good for your unborn baby.

Another downside of prolonged noise exposure is increased risk of premature delivery and low-birth-weight babies.

Lancaster PA audiologists at Resonance Audiology & Hearing Aid Center, LLC, are committed to bringing as much light onto the topic of hearing damage and how it affects people.

Some pregnant women experience hearing difficulties, such as sudden hearing loss, otalgia, tinnitus, and other hearing impairments, mostly due to hormonal changes in their bodies.

As we’ve seen, noise can negatively affect you and your baby while pregnant. If you are exposed to loud noise and/or suffer from hearing loss during pregnancy, it’s wise to visit your doctor to get answers and receive the right treatment.  

We offer Custom Hearing Protection devices that may just be the solution you need, especially if your work environment exposes you to sounds above 80 to 100 decibels.

An audiogram will confirm if you have a hearing problem, and your doctor may recommend using an appropriate hearing aid. Hearing devices magnify sound vibrations entering your ear and can help improve your hearing ability.

Our proficient hearing aid doctors are here to help you with a hearing test and with selecting and dispensing the hearing solution best suited to your personal, professional, cosmetic and financial needs.

Contact Resonance Audiology & Hearing Aid Center, LLC, your trusted Lancaster PA audiologists today and learn more about hearing loss while pregnant and hearing protection solutions for you or your loved one.

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