Managing The Holidays With Hearing Loss

The holiday season is upon us!  For many, this is the most wonderful time of the year.  But for those who are suffering from hearing loss, the holidays can be tough to deal with and full of stress.  The difficulties that come with hearing loss are hard enough to deal with under normal circumstances and the holidays bring more people, more noise, and more frustration.

Resonance Audiology wants to do more than just help with hearing aids.  We also want to help you get back the confidence you once had.  Whether that means looking at different types of hearing aids, or new ways to manage your hearing loss during this time of holiday festivities.  We have helped so many patients in and around Lancaster, PA and we want to help you too!

The holidays are a time when people connect more than any other time throughout the year.  Some of you may live further away from family, but you know they are just a phone call away.  But how do you enjoy the friendly conversation that comes with a phone call when you also are experiencing hearing loss?

Luckily, we live in an era where nearly everyone has some sort of smartphone or device that can solve, or assist with that problem!  It’s now easier than ever to do a video call with distant family!  Video calls may be a better option than phone calls when communicating with family or friends with hearing loss because they can see your expressions and may even be able to read lips.  And to think, even just a decade ago, this was still something you would only see in movies or on TV!

If you are gathering with your family or friends in person, there are things you can do to make things easier in those situations too.  If you are attending a cocktail party, position yourself in an area or room where you will not have to compete with extra noise like a group of children playing or the stereo playing holiday tunes.  This can help you focus on your conversation with someone.

When it comes time for a seated meal during a holiday gathering, speak with those closest to you.  Unless you are at a table that is round or not very long, it may be difficult to have conversations with people that are at a distance.  You could always find someone at the other end of the table at a later time and catch up with them then.

It is always important to remember to wear your hearing aids.  Some types of hearing aids may have multiple settings.  You may want to take some time testing those different settings to find the best one for you while you are in the comfort of your home.  That way you do not have to test things out at an event and take away time that you could be spending with loved ones.

Setting realistic expectations about how things may go can be a big help too.  This should go both ways as well!  You should understand that you may not always hear every question or be able to understand every word, and that is ok.  Those around you should also be understanding and accommodating.  They may need to speak a little louder or repeat some things, and that is ok too.

One of the most important things that you can do to help manage the holidays with hearing loss is to take a break.  All of the conversing and concentration may be exhausting, so give your eyes, ears, and brain a break.  Whether it be taking a few moments to sit in a separate room by yourself or even going outside if the weather is not too harsh.  Allowing your mind and body time to rest can help give you the added stamina to go back in and being socializing again.

We certainly hope some of these tips and pointers help you through the holidays this year and for many years to come!  For help with hearing aids and more, check out our services page to see other ways how we can help you!  For those of you in Lancaster PA and beyond, we wish you all happy holidays!

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