Kids & Hearing Protection for Back to School

The latest research indicates that more and more young people who are exposed to loud music and noise show evidence of early hearing damage.

Zoe Horan, Doctor of Audiology from Resonance Audiology, shared:

“I can’t think of a more important population to protect the hearing of than children. If we teach our kids at a young age to appropriately use hearing protection in noisy situations we create good habits that will stick with them. Once you lose your hearing to noise, there is usually no getting it back.

While in graduate school we saw a twelve-year-old patient with noise-induced hearing loss due to listening to his music too loud for too long. The world is a noisy place and there are easy, functional and effective ways we can protect our hearing. Let the beginning of the school year be the time we get our kids set up with hearing protection that not only works but that they will wear when they need it.”

As an audiologist, Horan understands the impact loud music and other environmental noise have on our children, and strives to spread the awareness on children’s hearing protection.

The importance of teaching children to wear hearing protectors to limit noise exposure can be compared to the need to teach them to use a seatbelt, wear a bicycle helmet, or wear sunscreen. The louder the sound one is exposed to, the quicker hearing damage will occur. 

Talk to your children about making sure they wear hearing protectors in noisy areas at all times, such as in the school band, in stadiums, gymnasiums, amusement parks, theaters, auditoriums, and other entertainment facilities.

Hearing protectors limit the level of sound without block out all noise – they simply make noise softer.

Children should also use hearing protectors when attending sporting events, auto races, riding a snowmobile, all-terrain vehicle, or farm tractor.

Shop for hearing protectors with your children, and together figure out whether they should opt for earplugs that can be hidden by hair or a hat, or for a bolder look and a fashion statement with more noticeable hearing protectors.

Good news is – modern hearing aids for children that are available nowadays are not just effective and comfortable, but they are also designed to be much more stylish and discreet.

Choose hearing aids for children that fit in with their lifestyle. If they play in a band or orchestra, earplugs can help protect their hearing, especially special musicians’ earplugs (often called high fidelity ear plugs) that will ensure your children can hear instruments clearly, but at a softer level.

Once you’ve talked to your children about the importance of wearing hearing protectors, and they’ve selected the type best suited for them, make sure it’s always within easy reach of your children, so they can really use it.

Unfortunately, hearing loss can happen at any age, and can gradually develop into a serious condition.

Expert hearing doctors at Resonance Audiology & Hearing Aid Center, LLC are here to help your teen with a hearing test and professional screening, and with different hearing protectors based on their needs.

Contact us at one of our two offices in Lancaster and New Holland and let us assist you with the various types of hearing aids for children and best children’s hearing protection for back to school.

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