19 Reasons to Take Care of Your Hearing in 2019

More than 40 million people in America, of which almost 27 million are over the age of 50, suffer from some degree of hearing loss, one of the most common health problems – which can have far-reaching implications that go well beyond hearing alone.

Even though hearing loss can negatively affect many aspects of their lives, people on average unfortunately wait a considerably long time before realizing the issue is bad enough to warrant a visit to a doctor.

Here are 19 reasons why you should take care of your hearing in 2019 and address an issue sooner rather than later:

  1. Your hearing loss could be caused by a medical condition that is treatable – the sooner you have it checked, the better it is for your overall health.
  2. Your hearing impairment could be a danger to you and others; you may not be able to hear warning signals as quickly as someone with normal hearing.
  3. If untreated, hearing loss increases your chances of falling.
  4. Your performance at work may be suffering.
  5. Your performance at school/training/etc. may be suffering.
  6. A survey of 2,300 hearing impaired adults (age 50 plus) showed that untreated hearing loss can lead to depression.
  7. The same survey also found that those with untreated hearing loss were more likely to report anxiety and paranoia.
  8. Untreated hearing loss increases your chance of developing dementia.
  9. Your relationships may be suffering – you may be arguing over what your loved ones said, what you heard, etc.
  10. It can lead to social isolation – you may start avoiding being in situations where you know you’ll struggle to hear and communicate.
  11. Friends, family, and colleagues may avoid engaging in conversations with you knowing you have difficulty hearing.
  12. It’s emotionally and physically exhausting to have a hearing impairment – trying throughout the day to piece together what’s going on.
  13. Researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine found that older people with hearing loss are at risk of developing cognitive deficits sooner than those whose hearing is intact.
  14. If you’re over the age of 50, even if you think you’re not having too much trouble hearing right now, a hearing test now can present a baseline for future tests.
  15. If hearing loss is treated with hearing aids, the risk of cognitive decline is reduced.
  16. Treatment of hearing impairment has been shown to improve earning power.
  17. Ignoring hearing loss hasn’t been working – perhaps it’s time to try another approach.
  18. You are proactive and care about your quality of life.
  19. You are determined to have a healthy and successful 2019!

As audiologists and hearing care enthusiasts, we are committed to helping you get started on your journey to better hearing.

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